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Buffalo Gold Moon Lite Giveaway # 4

Buffalo Gold Giveaway


But first let’s sum up several exciting months of 2011:

  • February – Rain on the Prairie published in Interweave Knits Spring issue.
  • March – website launched. With a bit of help from my web designer I learn how to use software for my website. Steep learning curve.
  • May – I become a University of California Certified Master Gardener. Steep learning curve.
  • June – Daughter graduates from high school. <Hallelujah!>
  • July – Rachael Ellen Beret premiere at Sock Summit.
  • August – Rachael Ellen Beret for sale in my Ravelry pattern store. Daughter goes to college.

So, yeah, things have been busy

This isn’t even including the days of anguish in August when I had a design accepted for publication at a magnificent online magazine and my charting software crashed. ON DEADLINE DAY. I lost all of my work. However I managed to overcome adversity. I launched the software on a different computer then furiously recreated several days of work in less than 24 hours. Triumph!

Back to Buffalo

Buffalo Gold Moon Lite, that is. It is good stuff, and news from the ranch is that they don’t have plans to mill Moon Lite again in the near future. It’s a shame because it is a silky, pleasurable wonder. In any case, congrats to them on the tremendous success of their wonderful ready-to wear line.

So. Yes. Giveaway. Offered here is a tagless orphan skein in purple Moon Lite sent to me my the lovely and gracious Theresa Miskin for my readers. It is reported to be the last skein of Moon Lite at the ranch.

This orphan is no ragamuffin. Oh no, she is all Cinderella. She would love to be transformed into a Rain on the Prairie Scarf, so a copy of Interweave Knits Spring 2011 issue will be included. These pretties will arrive packaged in a project bag sewed by myself.


  • Leave a comment on this blog post.
  • Your comment becomes your entry.
  • One entry per person.
  • Participant leaving my favorite comment wins.
  • Deadline for entry is  26 October 2011,  11:59pm Pacific time.
  • Winner will be notified via email on 27 October 2011, and posted on my blog.
  • Winner must claim prize no later than four days from end of contest.
  • In the event that winner does not contact me within four days, a new winner will be selected.

Good Luck and Happy Knitting!

PS: No need for huge disappointment in case you don’t win. Moon Lite is still available from my friends at Paradise Fibers and a few other online shops. Also–BG Lux knits up at the same gauge, and is even dreamier to knit than BG Moon Lite.


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Guess Who Won?

Buffalo Gold Moon Lite is pretty. Guess who won?

With the comment, “…I’m looking forward to seeing your Prairie Rain…” The winner is Margaret S.

Margaret lives in Greece where she teaches English as a second language. In her free time, Margaret likes to travel, and of course knit. 

On a personal note, I can’t believe this yarn is going to Greece, and I’m not. Congratulations Margaret! Thanks everybody for playing. If you didn’t win, there is one more chance. Next month’s contest will be the best yet! Subscribe and you won’t miss it!


Torture Your Knitting: Put It On The Rack And Stick Pins In It!

Well. Well. Well. My slick pink Haruni is in time out. I ripped back to the beginning of chart B for the fourth time. Naughty pink Haruni. But all is not lost. I have blocked the beautiful blue Lux Haruni, and noticed something very fortunate… My gauge was very loose on chart B.

This gives me an idea. I think I will knit slick pink chart B with size 3 Hya Hyas. They’re grippier than the smooth size 4 KnitPicks Options/nickel I was using. I thought I was crazy knitting two at a time, but maybe this just a serendipitous and awesome learning experience for me. I’m crossing my fingers, and I’ll keep you posted.

In other, more exciting news, my blue Lux Haruni is blocking and it is fantastic if I do say so myself!!!

Thank you Emilie Ross for a beautiful free pattern.



So here I am wearing my brand spanking new Haruni in Buffalo Gold Lux. It’s the most wonderful thing I’ve ever knit. I might never take it off.

I’m looking at you with my silly evil eye. Block your lace. Torture your knitting. Put it on the rack and stick it with pins. Like a preacher’s daughter, she looks so good when you treat her a little bad.




Of Chart Keepers and Haruni Twins

I’m fairly new to lace knitting. Having completed a couple of projects, it seems to me that staying organized is key to success. Which chart? Which row? Which motif repeat? If you’re not organized you won’t enjoy lace knitting, but if you figure out how to stay organized, lace knitting is totally addicting. TOTALLY. It is the craziest alchemy you’ll ever produce with yarn and needles. Completely, insanely awesome.

I like to curl up on the sofa, or in my favorite chair by the fire, or
even in bed when I knit. Look at me midnight knitting in bed. Naughty me.

I must stay organized, so I like to make a copy of my pattern, if from a book or magazine, and have just the page of charts or instructions I’m working nearby.

Before Christmas my DH asked what I wanted and I nearly asked for one of those snazzy chart keepers from Knitpicks. They are magnetic and awesome. You put a bar magnet at the line you’re working. The magnet keeps your chart in place AND simultaneously marks your place on the chart. A really good idea!

Except wait. What keeps the chart keeper from sliding off my lap? I’m a round sort of woman, and stuff is always rolling off my lap and landing on the floor just out of sight.

Sorry Knitpicks. I love your products, but your chart keeper is not likely to stay put. If I knit at the table it would be perfect, but I don’t. If I buy it surely it will become one more knitting gizmo destined for the Island of Misfit Notions.

So I didn’t ask for the chart keeper, but I need something, and yesterday
I was knitting along on some yummy lace. OMG. So. Awesome.

Warning: Topical Detour Ahead.

I’m knitting TWO Haruni shawls. Yes, TWO! One is made with Araucania Itata Multy. That’s the pink one. The blue one is Buffalo Gold Lux. OMG. Both are all kinds of wonderful knitting deliciousness. The Itata Multy is a fingering weight  blend of wool, silk and bamboo. The Lux is a laceweight bison down, silk, cashmere, and tencel blend, and is simply the softest and most sumptuous bit  of knitting heaven. Really, Lux is the perfect name for this yarn.

Oh gosh. I digress. Back to scheduled programming.

So I was sitting in my cozy club chair by the fire, and my chart kept slipping off my lap. I took a slim darning needle from my notions kit, and pinned my chart to my pant leg. Problem solved. For me, some of the best  solutions are born of necessity, cost little or nothing, and/or repurpose something I already own.

Are you wondering why I am I knitting two Haruni shawls at the same time? Let me tell you. My Haruni twins are being knit at the same time because I  want to follow the directions only once. I’m either a lazy genius, or I am totally insane. I love the colors in the Itata, but the Buffalo Gold Lux is just fantastic. I am a huge fan of 100% cashmere, but I like Lux even better! The blended fibers have the super soft hand of cashmere, but create fabric that is structurally less droopy than cashmere alone.

Hey, speaking of Buffalo Gold…It’s time for my next Moon Lite giveaway. For new readers, Moon Lite is a blend of bison down and tencel, and it is so nice! Leave a comment ON THIS BLOG POST to enter. Winner receives a skein of Buffalo Gold Moon Lite, a silk project bag, and a pair of size four needles in some kind of fantastic hardwood. A little lace knitting kit. For you. Just add pattern! Contest ends Tuesday January 18th, when I select a winner by random number generator.

The giveaway is to celebrate the publication of my Prairie Rain scarf pattern in Interweave Knits. I am excited my tiny yet luxurious scarf pattern made it into a magazine! I want to share my joy. For complete rules please visit:

I hope YOU win!

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Winning Comment. Lucky You!

Drumroll Please!


With the comment, “Wow, thanks so much for hosting this contest. I can’t wait for the Prairie Rain pattern to be available!”

Our winner is: Annie!

Annie, I have sent you an email, and you have four days to contact me with your mailing address and most importantly, your color of choice in the lovely Buffalo Gold Moon Lite yarn. Remember, Annie, you also get a silk project bag made by my own hands. If I don’t hear from you I will draw a new number and give your pretty yarn winnings to another. I hope you are awaiting this announcement with baited breath because it would be a shame not to mail this mound of yarn deliciousness to you.

For all my readers; no despairing! I will hold another giveaway in January, and a super fantastic and celebratory giveaway in February. Like this contest, I will hide it in one of my posts, so keep your eyes peeled!

Thanks everybody for reading my blog! Happy Holidays, and the happiest and most project prosperous New Year to you all!


Christmas Comes Early

Hello there. It’s been awhile hasn’t it? Let me explain. No. There is too much. Let me sum up.

Thanksgiving took the family to the winter wonderland that is UTAH. We drove. We might be crazy. There was snow in the Sierra and the driving was hairy and slow. In fact we took the storm with us all the way across Nevada. Drive took two days. Finally arrived in Utah. It was cold, and it snowed. Mostly it was cold. Took a little college tour of Utah State University. Go Aggies. DD really wants to go there. It’s the only college she will submit application. Gutsy move. Had a delightful meal at my lovely niece, Chante’s house. It was her first time hosting Thanksgiving. She is quite young and called it “The Experiment.” Gutsy move. The food was delicious, the company enchanting. Missed the lights at Temple Square by ONE day. It’s a spectacle that should not be missed. Came home. Got A LOT of knitting done while DH drove. 

Started preparing for showers and babies who will arrive soon. Cropped like mad and created about twenty-eight eight by eight scrapbook page layouts from a kit. Used paper from my stash too. No, scrapbook kits do not make scrapbooking easier. Unless they contain pre-cut pre-designed pages. Then they are pretty darn easy. This one did not. It was heaps of work.

Looked at a friend’s Amazon shower registry. She wanted a flannel receiving blanket from an Etsy shop. Thought, “I can make that.”  Bought fabric and notions for two blankets. Must be crazy. Came home and DH asked me to make one for his co-worker. Returned and bought more fabric. Again, must me crazy. Much pre-washing, and ironing, and cutting, and pinning, and reading the sewing machine manual, and hairpulling, and weeping ensued. Yes. I realize there are some run on sentences here, but I’m crazy now, so it’s ok.

While I won’t post photos of Momo’s workshop, as the whole house is a disaster, here’s a look at the fruits of my last ten days…

Oh wait. My projects have found new homes already. Photos or it didn’t happen….Too late. Given away. Too bad.

Speaking of giveaways…It’s time again for my next Buffalo Gold Moon Lite giveaway. Comment on this blog post. Your comment becomes your entry. One entry per person. For complete rules and to see a photo of Moon Lite visit  Contest ends when I draw the winner on Monday December 20th. Winner will receive a skein of Moon Lite and a silk project bag. You will find both items useful if you would like to knit my Prairie Rain Scarf which debuts in the Spring 2011 issue of Interweave Knits.

And all this time you were wondering what was meant by, “Christmas Comes Early.” Now you know.


And The Winner Is….

With comment #57

“What a gorgeous bunch of knitting fun! How sweet of you to be giving some away. I’d love, love, love to win some”

Our winner is Kay Nysse!

Congratulations Kay, I am sending you an email right this minute. I must hear from you by 1pm on Friday November 5th, or you forfeit your prize and another winner will be selected.

For those who did not win, thanks for playing! Please do not despair. There are three more chances to win your very own Buffalo Gold Moon Lite. The next contest will also include a silk project bag that is the perfect size to contain your Prairie Rain in-progress, your knitting needles, and your Interweave Knits Spring 2010 Magazine (featuring that one pattern by little old me). Keep your eyes peeled because the next contest will be announced in a blog post sometime in November 2010.