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Mo’s FO Super Bowl Sunday 2010


It’s Super Bowl Sunday. Mr. Hefti is a huge Green Bay fan, so no party for us.

He wants to focus on the game. Just the big guy and his big screen tv.

Mr. Hefti in his Bart Starr Packer jersey circa Super Bowl I

What am I doing? I’m so glad you asked. I’m making some of Mr. Hefti’s favorite old school appetizers.

We’re gonna have eggs, and they’re gonna be deviled!

I’m also doing a little knitting and social networking, because what’s game day without a little FB trash talk?

Since the computer is warm anyway, I thought I’d cook up a little blog post.

I finished my Hemlock Ring Blanket.

Feather & Fan. How awesome is that?!?

I made some project bags. The orange one is my favorite.

Hey look, there is my Featherweight cardigan. Still need to weave in ends. 

The orange project bag was made using two shirt sleeves, and the remnant fabric from the blue bag.

These two bags are a little different from the one I made for Annie Kang.

Annie’s Bag was made from one of my husband’s favorite work shirts.

Annie was the winner of my second Buffalo Gold Contest. You remember, right?

I held a series of contests to celebrate the publication of my first pattern in Interweave Knits.

Speaking of Interweave…

The Interweave Knits pattern preview gallery is up for your viewing pleasure:

Of course, you can find Rain on the Prairie on Ravelry:

Here’s the one I made: 

Lovely Allegra wearing Rain on the Prairie

Remember there is one more Buffalo Gold Moon Lite giveaway. Keep your eyes peeled!

 And I have heaps more exciting news to share with you.

Shhhh, it’s a secret.

Here’s a sneak peak:  

A silk project bag to the first reader who correctly guesses what the above photo means to me.

If you have no idea, you won’t win, but go ahead and tell me what it means to you.

Mr. Hefti does the victory dance

And hey…the Packers won! Maybe you will too.



Christmas Comes Early

Hello there. It’s been awhile hasn’t it? Let me explain. No. There is too much. Let me sum up.

Thanksgiving took the family to the winter wonderland that is UTAH. We drove. We might be crazy. There was snow in the Sierra and the driving was hairy and slow. In fact we took the storm with us all the way across Nevada. Drive took two days. Finally arrived in Utah. It was cold, and it snowed. Mostly it was cold. Took a little college tour of Utah State University. Go Aggies. DD really wants to go there. It’s the only college she will submit application. Gutsy move. Had a delightful meal at my lovely niece, Chante’s house. It was her first time hosting Thanksgiving. She is quite young and called it “The Experiment.” Gutsy move. The food was delicious, the company enchanting. Missed the lights at Temple Square by ONE day. It’s a spectacle that should not be missed. Came home. Got A LOT of knitting done while DH drove. 

Started preparing for showers and babies who will arrive soon. Cropped like mad and created about twenty-eight eight by eight scrapbook page layouts from a kit. Used paper from my stash too. No, scrapbook kits do not make scrapbooking easier. Unless they contain pre-cut pre-designed pages. Then they are pretty darn easy. This one did not. It was heaps of work.

Looked at a friend’s Amazon shower registry. She wanted a flannel receiving blanket from an Etsy shop. Thought, “I can make that.”  Bought fabric and notions for two blankets. Must be crazy. Came home and DH asked me to make one for his co-worker. Returned and bought more fabric. Again, must me crazy. Much pre-washing, and ironing, and cutting, and pinning, and reading the sewing machine manual, and hairpulling, and weeping ensued. Yes. I realize there are some run on sentences here, but I’m crazy now, so it’s ok.

While I won’t post photos of Momo’s workshop, as the whole house is a disaster, here’s a look at the fruits of my last ten days…

Oh wait. My projects have found new homes already. Photos or it didn’t happen….Too late. Given away. Too bad.

Speaking of giveaways…It’s time again for my next Buffalo Gold Moon Lite giveaway. Comment on this blog post. Your comment becomes your entry. One entry per person. For complete rules and to see a photo of Moon Lite visit  Contest ends when I draw the winner on Monday December 20th. Winner will receive a skein of Moon Lite and a silk project bag. You will find both items useful if you would like to knit my Prairie Rain Scarf which debuts in the Spring 2011 issue of Interweave Knits.

And all this time you were wondering what was meant by, “Christmas Comes Early.” Now you know.