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Gnome Cap on Video!

I’m so excited!

Very Pink Knits did a Youtube tutorial using my Incredible Expanding Gnome Cap pattern!

And my Lotus Ring pattern is finally uploaded and ready for purchase in my Ravelry store.


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Don’t Read This Blog!

Let me begin with excuses and end with promises and potential solutions.

I was coming down with the flu before I left for Stitches South.

I didn’t know I was getting sick.

I felt pretty darn awful the entire time in Atlanta, but chalked it up to lack of sleep.

Retuning readers will remember I suffer from chronic sleep disorder: Restless Legs with Periodic Limb Movement. I move then wake up all night every night. This has been happening my whole life. I don’t feel sorry for myself. It’s just the weird wallpaper in the room that is my life.

I intended to do an extraordinary Stitches South recap. Instead I spent two weeks not sleeping with fever, chills, coughing, aching, stuffy sinuses. I was a wreck. Sleep disorder combined with asthma combined with influenza will do that to a girl.

In the midst of South craziness and active illness, I was trying to finalize edits on Lotus Ring.

I’m running a little behind schedule.

I promised a blog feature to Urban Gypz and Erin Lane.  I will do it.

If you’re waiting for a Lotus Ring pattern I will add it to my Ravelry store when it’s complete. I could release it as is, but it was setup for professional printing, and you don’t want to put your home printer through that. The picture on the first page will eat all the ink in the world. Then the rest of the pattern will be illegible because there will be no ink left in the world.

If you simply can’t wait I made photocopies today:

Send $6 for one pattern printing and shipping included.

Maureen Hefti 59 36th Way Sacramento, CA 95819

Send me a little note, and include your Ravelry ID and email for a chance to win a free Lotus Ring pattern!

I’ll use the email address for errata / updates.

Special thanks to Lily D, Yuki H., Margaret S. and Izzie L. for test knitting!