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Changes coming to Ravenous Knits. And a recipie! Yum!

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I came up with the name Ravenous Knits a few years ago while at lunch with my friends. We were eating at a bistro called Ravenous. Their logo was a raven.  I was planning a knit business launch but didn’t want to go by MoKnits as I do here. Everybody uses their name plus knits. Sitting in that café, looking at that bird, I knew I was Ravenous Knits.

You see, I’m always hungry. I wrote a couple of years ago about diagnosis with Restless Legs Syndrome. Medications such as Requip and Mirapex put RLS into the international lexicon. You know the letters R L S, but you might not know how hungry people with RLS become as the disease progresses. When my disease is bad I don’t sleep. When I don’t sleep I’m hungry. All day. All night. Unbelievebly, fantastically hungry. You know that feeling you get when you need to pee really, really bad. It’s like that, but, you know, unremitting hunger.

Like me, ravens and other Corvidae species are always hungry. This makes for fun watching-of-birds in family Corvidae; crows, magpies, jays. In my home garden both crows and scrub jays provide much needed snail control. I’m sure I have written in the past various methods these resourceful birds use crack open tough shells. They will do anything for a meal. They are relentless. So am I. The raven is me. I am the raven.

So I copied the ravenous/crow concept, hired a graphic designer to create a logo for me, and paid a lot of money for it. The work was not completely professional; not as well done as I would have liked. Lesson learned. Sometimes you get what you pay for, and sometimes you don’t.

I know more now. I know what I want. I used that unsatisfactory logo, and it taught me what I’m looking for next time. So I am here. Here I am. I have a business that hasn’t left the launch pad, and I’m already re-branding. I’m looking forward to working with the new graphic designer. She’s really good at her work.

And my business ideas are coming into focus.

Most of that focus will be knitting and some of it will be food. My dad was a professional baker, and served as a cook in the National Guard Reserves. He taught me to cook when I was seven. Thanks, dad. My first lessons were homemade marinara then roast beef. Boiling an egg came so much later. I love to cook. I love food.

As a first recipe attempt I humbly offer:

Quick Tzatziki

It’s an empty nest at Chez Hefti. Recipe makes enough sauce for two really big gyros, and doubles nicely.

1 c. plain Greek yogurt—thicker is better. Regular yogurt is too thin.

4 inch portion of cucumber, peeled, seeded and diced

~10 fresh chives, diced

1 clove garlic, minced

1 teaspoon rice vinegar (or any white vinegar) plus more to taste

Salt and pepper to taste

Stir together. Lick spoon. Yum

Mr. Hefti and I used this sauce two ways.

First we tried it for lunch after our big Easter lamb roast. Mr. Hefti is experimenting with low carb so we spread sauce over Lavash flatbread (Trader Joe’s or Armenian market) instead of pita. We topped with thin slices of roast lamb, fresh kale, and fresh mint leaf. Minty fresh surprise! Roll up and enjoy! Note: You could easily use pita and traditional garnish of tomato and sliced fresh onion. We didn’t have that in the house.

Second we tried it in a big salad. We needed a quick supper, and I used leftover chopped roast chicken, about ½ a bag of chopped kale, and handful of chopped mint. Served with a bowl of lentil soup and sliced bakery bread, this was a quick and yummy dinner. If you haven’t tried kale DO IT! If you don’t like kale use romaine, spinach or your favorite crisp salad green.

PS: I’m super addicted to Instagram. Let’s connect!


Author: moknits

I'm an addict. I obsessively shop for yarn and pattern books, then knit like a fiend. When I'm not knitting something out of someone else's head, I'm thinking up designs of my own. When I grow up I want to be Elizabeth Zimmermann. On the rare occasions I'm not knitting, or thinking about knitting, or shopping for knitting, I sometimes bake, cook, garden, read, and exercise. The exercise is not by choice. I only do it to manage pain from a herniated disc. Exercise for me works better than Vicodin, and I highly recommend it.

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