Mo Knits

She also gardens, bakes, reads and exercises. But mostly Mo Knits.


I think I may have made a big mistake.

It happens all the time, really.

Me and big mistakes are like two peas in a pod.

I’m not talking about big mistakes like the Netflix / Quickster debacle.

I’m just talking about big mistakes like I left WordPress.

It was so easy to use.

It was so easy for my readers to use.

I’m not so gung-ho on blogging when my website’s blogging software is not as user-friendly as the software here.

I wonder if I came back, would anyone be interested in rejoining me?

Maybe I could refresh interest and perhaps pick up a few more followers if I did another giveaway.

A giveaway I promised, but had trouble putting together during the chaos of launching a website, graduating a kid from high school and sending said beloved daughter nearly 700 miles from home for college.

Yep, things have been busy here.

But maybe I’m back?

I think YES!