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Torture Your Knitting: Put It On The Rack And Stick Pins In It!


Well. Well. Well. My slick pink Haruni is in time out. I ripped back to the beginning of chart B for the fourth time. Naughty pink Haruni. But all is not lost. I have blocked the beautiful blue Lux Haruni, and noticed something very fortunate… My gauge was very loose on chart B.

This gives me an idea. I think I will knit slick pink chart B with size 3 Hya Hyas. They’re grippier than the smooth size 4 KnitPicks Options/nickel I was using. I thought I was crazy knitting two at a time, but maybe this just a serendipitous and awesome learning experience for me. I’m crossing my fingers, and I’ll keep you posted.

In other, more exciting news, my blue Lux Haruni is blocking and it is fantastic if I do say so myself!!!

Thank you Emilie Ross for a beautiful free pattern.



So here I am wearing my brand spanking new Haruni in Buffalo Gold Lux. It’s the most wonderful thing I’ve ever knit. I might never take it off.

I’m looking at you with my silly evil eye. Block your lace. Torture your knitting. Put it on the rack and stick it with pins. Like a preacher’s daughter, she looks so good when you treat her a little bad.




Author: moknits

I'm an addict. I obsessively shop for yarn and pattern books, then knit like a fiend. When I'm not knitting something out of someone else's head, I'm thinking up designs of my own. When I grow up I want to be Elizabeth Zimmermann. On the rare occasions I'm not knitting, or thinking about knitting, or shopping for knitting, I sometimes bake, cook, garden, read, and exercise. The exercise is not by choice. I only do it to manage pain from a herniated disc. Exercise for me works better than Vicodin, and I highly recommend it.

3 thoughts on “Torture Your Knitting: Put It On The Rack And Stick Pins In It!

  1. Wow. I’m not sure why that text is there left of the trio on blocking photos, and stupid buggy WP, I can’t figure out how to move it. 😦

    I happier news, I am blocking using stainless steel welding wires I got from the welding supply store. They cost $8, and are three feet long, 1/16th inch thick. They are labeled 308L. There are far more to a package than I have ever used at once. Thanks to Melinda for the tip!

  2. That’s so gorgeous! I have some robin’s egg blue mercerized cotton (I know, but I have it!) that I’m going to use to make that shawl. I’ll have to watch out for chart B. Thanks for the tip!

  3. savvy, need i say more

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