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Of Chart Keepers and Haruni Twins


I’m fairly new to lace knitting. Having completed a couple of projects, it seems to me that staying organized is key to success. Which chart? Which row? Which motif repeat? If you’re not organized you won’t enjoy lace knitting, but if you figure out how to stay organized, lace knitting is totally addicting. TOTALLY. It is the craziest alchemy you’ll ever produce with yarn and needles. Completely, insanely awesome.

I like to curl up on the sofa, or in my favorite chair by the fire, or
even in bed when I knit. Look at me midnight knitting in bed. Naughty me.

I must stay organized, so I like to make a copy of my pattern, if from a book or magazine, and have just the page of charts or instructions I’m working nearby.

Before Christmas my DH asked what I wanted and I nearly asked for one of those snazzy chart keepers from Knitpicks. They are magnetic and awesome. You put a bar magnet at the line you’re working. The magnet keeps your chart in place AND simultaneously marks your place on the chart. A really good idea!

Except wait. What keeps the chart keeper from sliding off my lap? I’m a round sort of woman, and stuff is always rolling off my lap and landing on the floor just out of sight.

Sorry Knitpicks. I love your products, but your chart keeper is not likely to stay put. If I knit at the table it would be perfect, but I don’t. If I buy it surely it will become one more knitting gizmo destined for the Island of Misfit Notions.

So I didn’t ask for the chart keeper, but I need something, and yesterday
I was knitting along on some yummy lace. OMG. So. Awesome.

Warning: Topical Detour Ahead.

I’m knitting TWO Haruni shawls. Yes, TWO! One is made with Araucania Itata Multy. That’s the pink one. The blue one is Buffalo Gold Lux. OMG. Both are all kinds of wonderful knitting deliciousness. The Itata Multy is a fingering weight  blend of wool, silk and bamboo. The Lux is a laceweight bison down, silk, cashmere, and tencel blend, and is simply the softest and most sumptuous bit  of knitting heaven. Really, Lux is the perfect name for this yarn.

Oh gosh. I digress. Back to scheduled programming.

So I was sitting in my cozy club chair by the fire, and my chart kept slipping off my lap. I took a slim darning needle from my notions kit, and pinned my chart to my pant leg. Problem solved. For me, some of the best  solutions are born of necessity, cost little or nothing, and/or repurpose something I already own.

Are you wondering why I am I knitting two Haruni shawls at the same time? Let me tell you. My Haruni twins are being knit at the same time because I  want to follow the directions only once. I’m either a lazy genius, or I am totally insane. I love the colors in the Itata, but the Buffalo Gold Lux is just fantastic. I am a huge fan of 100% cashmere, but I like Lux even better! The blended fibers have the super soft hand of cashmere, but create fabric that is structurally less droopy than cashmere alone.

Hey, speaking of Buffalo Gold…It’s time for my next Moon Lite giveaway. For new readers, Moon Lite is a blend of bison down and tencel, and it is so nice! Leave a comment ON THIS BLOG POST to enter. Winner receives a skein of Buffalo Gold Moon Lite, a silk project bag, and a pair of size four needles in some kind of fantastic hardwood. A little lace knitting kit. For you. Just add pattern! Contest ends Tuesday January 18th, when I select a winner by random number generator.

The giveaway is to celebrate the publication of my Prairie Rain scarf pattern in Interweave Knits. I am excited my tiny yet luxurious scarf pattern made it into a magazine! I want to share my joy. For complete rules please visit:

I hope YOU win!


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I'm an addict. I obsessively shop for yarn and pattern books, then knit like a fiend. When I'm not knitting something out of someone else's head, I'm thinking up designs of my own. When I grow up I want to be Elizabeth Zimmermann. On the rare occasions I'm not knitting, or thinking about knitting, or shopping for knitting, I sometimes bake, cook, garden, read, and exercise. The exercise is not by choice. I only do it to manage pain from a herniated disc. Exercise for me works better than Vicodin, and I highly recommend it.

187 thoughts on “Of Chart Keepers and Haruni Twins

  1. I also knit in cozy comfortable places, away from nice flat surfaces for propping up books or magazines or even a single sheet of paper. I think it might feel too much like work if I were at a desk-like setting while I knit.

  2. Two Harunis? You are indeed just a little bit insane, but in a way I can relate to – I’m a total lace addict too, and while I haven’t knitted two of the same at the same time, it is a pretty neat idea. Love the pattern stabilising idea, I’ll have to try that! I usually sit on the couch or in the easy chair with my legs up, so I always have those “put it in my lap – oops, now it’s on the floor – where did it go” issues.
    The Buffalo Gold Moon Lite sounds amazing, I’d love to turn it into a luxurious lace shawl!

  3. Awesome head lamp. Mine is a knitting necessity. Your work is amazing! Love love love. So, my headlamp should make me patient and zen-like when it comes to fine point knitting! Sweet!

  4. Well, I probably won’t win, but it is worth it to leave a comment anyway! I love your shawls and they both felt so beautiful. I can’t wait to see them all blocked out. I hope I see you Thursday!

  5. Love all the buffalo gold yarns. Would enjoy trying this one.

  6. I rarely knit at a table – usually because I am required to have at least one cat on me (if not more) when I’m knitting at home.

    Your shawls are pretty, even if I do think you might be a bit crazy to do them both at once (grin).

  7. 2 Haruni! Lovely. The last time I tried knitting that pattern, I ran out of yarn 8 rows from the end. One of these days, I’ll make it again… And I love that you’re knitting by headlamp!

    • I have four skiens of the blue yarn, so no danger of running out. But I have only 430 yards of the pink yarn. It was a gift, and I am sure I will not have enough. sweating. SWEATING! I am sweating. Halfway through chart B and I wonder if I should rip back now and modify the pattern or take my chances. 😦

  8. The cat on the lap is a real problem when it comes to productive knitting. If there was a cat sling to wear while knitting… I wonder if KnitPicks will design one.

    • Hehehe. My shawls are full of cat fur. My icky kitty, Rufus, makes a nice heating pad for hands on cold days. I can just imagine how he would protest if I tried to put him in a sling!

  9. I am glad you have fallen into the Lace Trap. I love lace! I love how you pinned the chart to your pant leg! Although I knit socks two at a time, I have never knit shawls two at a time… Good for you!

  10. You are a little crazy to do two shawls same time – either that, or you never have to tink an enitre row! I guess knitting with the good stuff makes it all worthwhile :o)

    • I’m not a little crazy. It’s total insanity here. BTW: I never tink, only rip. Ok, I admit it, if it’s a only few stitches I tink. But usually I just remove the work from the needles and rip with wild abandon. I addition to my distain for tinking, I also detest removing a lifeline, so I don’t use them. After I rip, I use a needle one or two sizes smaller to pick up my live stitches, and that works well for me. I’m on rip 3.0 with the pink shawl. (I’ve ripped and reknit the first half half of chart B three times.) I’m having better luck with the blue shawl. I haven’t made any big mistakes, so I haven’t un-knit more than a few stitches at a time.

  11. Wow, how could I have missed this? Congratulations on your first published pattern! P.S. I love the idea of the “night light”!

  12. I adore that lamp hat thing. LOL!

  13. Okay, pick me this time! lol


  14. I like to knit on the loveseat. I keep my directions on the lamp table at the end of the loveseat. It has a glass top over the wood. I stick the corner of the pattern under 1 edge. I admire you for knitting two lace shawls at the same time. I love both colors. Can’t wait to see them blocked.

    • The pink one might get frogged. The yarn is slippery and I lost a bunch of stitches while I was trying to fix a mistake on the row below. I THINK I have reasoned out how to fix it. I HOPE I have, anyway. If not, It will be a Kiri, and not a Haruni.

  15. I have been totally bitten by the lace bug. I’m starting my first shetland shawl and loving it, even if I think 84 edging points is a little ridiculous. Like you, I don’t use lifelines.

    I’d simply love to win the Buffalo Gold.

  16. I love the reading lamp for knitting! I have book lights for my needlework, but this is nice, though it would cause me to get less sleep than I currently do. I’ve only done lacework in socks and this giveaway would be perfect for me to do a little more!

  17. I’ve never tried this yarn but it sure looks beautiful!
    Knitting two shawls at once is brave 🙂 Have fun!

  18. love the headlamp! And great idea for pinning down a pattern. Mine is always sliding away as well.

  19. Oo yay! This looks like fun!

    I definitely am a knitter born of necessity and make things up when I need to. For example, when knitting in the round on dpns, I quickly realized that where the needles end I was getting a gap. I started knitting an extra stitch or two on the needle before moving them over. Later, I found that that was a standard thing to do, but when I uninvented it, it was just because I realized that that’s what I needed to do to make it work for me!

  20. The needle seems like a very good idea. I also like re-purposing stuff for knitting notions. All my stitch markers are loops of embroidery thread, so I have a never-ending supply in a bunch of colors.

  21. Ooooh, pretty! Good luck, everybody! That yarn looks incredibly soft! Going to add the pattern to my faves right now.

  22. I love lace knitting as well, especially making shawls. Haven’t tried making a Haruni yet, however. Perhaps with the Buffalo Gold? 😉 Thank you for a great giveaway!!

  23. I love your ideas! The midnight in bed photo is great 😀 I love knitting lace and especially Niebling patterns where usually every row is different (mostly large flowers/plants on mesh). I am actually not very organized, but fortunately these are easy to pick
    up and “read” from the stitches on the needle. The only notions I sometimes use is a row counter and stitch markers.

  24. I’m about to embark for the first time on lace knitting – I want to make a gift for my son’s piano teacher, who is a classy lady and therefore deserves a classy gift. And hand knit lace is about as classy as they come, if you ask me.

    I’m totally going to borrow your idea for how to keep a chart in place since I too am not sitting knitting at a table most of the time.

    I’m also interested in the fate of your pink lace and the slipperiness since I want my 2nd lace project for myself and I’ve got the very same yarn (though mine is lilac more than pink)


    • I am not loving the pink yarn for this project. It was fine while knitting chart A. Once I switched to chart B the slippery quality became a problem, and I keep dropping stitches. THREE TIMES I have dropped a few stitches and that turned into a tangled nightmare of yuck. Last night I ripped back to the beginning of chart A. 😦

      This is interesting because in the past I would have thought that this just isn’t the project for me, but I’m having few troubles with the blue. I had finished row 19 of chart B on the both shawls before went crazy on the pink one.

      I wonder what would happened if I switched from KP Options to wood or Hya Hya’s. Hya’s have a matte surface texture, more grabby on the yarn.

      I think I will proceed on blue while pink goes to time out.

  25. I have to keep this tip in mind for my next lace project, since I always need a chart close by too. I am not sure if I’d be able to knit 2 of the same project at once. I am a bit impatient to get a finished product. But I also love to sit snuggled up somewhere to knit, even in bed 🙂
    I love soft fabric, but can’t really afford to buy something like this give away at the moment so I would be thrilled if by some magic I’d win.

  26. I knit on the couch and have a fancy pull up coffee table that I use for holding my patterns so I can see them. I mostly use PostIt notes for keeping my spot.

    Your shawls are beautiful!

  27. I’ve never tried any bison yarn before, fingers crossed!

  28. Congrats on your first published pattern!

  29. I love the first picture! How I didn’t think of it??? Brilliant giveaway!

  30. I also love lace knitting. I have found that I don’t need distractions when knitting a 32 row repeat! Great blog and thanks for the contest.

  31. The yarns are absolutely gorgeous. Love the colors

  32. Pinning your pattern to your pants = genius!

    Although I’d probably stab myself.

    If I don’t have a chart keeper or highlighter, I use my knitting needle to poke a little hole next to the row I’ve just finished. Usually I get hurt in the process. 🙂

  33. I’ve yet to try my needles at any real lace, hopefully sometime soon. Bison yarn? I want to know what that feels like… A lot.

    Thank you for holding a giveaway!
    KJo on Ravelry

  34. Congratulations on having your pattern published — that must be so much fun (after the work part, of course!). I like the idea of working on the two shawls at once. I usually try to work sweater sleeves both at the same time, mostly so they come out the same, but the idea of working a pattern and ending up with two finished objects really appeals to me.

  35. Two Harunis at the same time?! I think you ARE a mad genius! 😉

  36. Love that you are knitting both at once… and with a headlamp! Haruni was one of my favorite knits!

  37. I want a headlamp like yours so I can knit in the dark! I’m just beginning to try lace and your lace adventures/ideas are a great help. Thank you.

  38. congrats on having your pattern published.
    That buffalo gold yarn looks amazing!
    I love the challenge of knitting lace.

  39. What a great solution! I’m always trying to figure out how to keep my patterns from going astray. I’m going to have to try this.

  40. congratulations on being published. I want to knit that shawl but only one at a time. lovely colors,

  41. Congrats and getting your pattern published. I love your head lamp! Thanks for the contest.

  42. i always make a copy of the pattern i am working on. it helps me keep on track and i end up writing all over it.

  43. You know, I actually knit at my desk (my desk chair is COMFY!), so it never occurred to me that that would be a problem. I like your solution tho. 🙂

  44. I would love to try this yarn. Thanks for the contest, and the great read on your blog!

  45. have never had a chance to knit with this yarn. sounds absolutely yummy!

  46. Ha – I love it! “I want to follow the directions only once” — I wish I could apply this logic to, I don’t know, socks and mittens. I’m not as disciplined as you, though. Love the colors you chose for your Harunis, too.

  47. I’ve never tried this type of yarn before,so I thought I might as well enter.

  48. Oh I love your shawls! I have not knitted a lace shawl yet but have plenty of patterns put aside just waiting for the right yarn.
    I love your ingenuity of pinning it to your pants….I would have pinned it right through to my leg! I use a magnet board that I used to cross stitch with, it works great.

  49. Beautiful stuff – I also agree that lace knitting is like alchemy – particularly with the magic of blocking. There is something really satisfying about coming to then end of the row and that slightly breath-holding moment where you see that you have exactly the right stitches in the right combination!

  50. Congrats on getting the pattern published. I’ll have to look for it. 🙂 One of these days I plan to do the haruni shawl and applaud you for doing 2 at one time. Of course, as knitters I think many of us have multiple projects going at one time.

    rav: aewsimmons

  51. Congrats on publishing your pattern – very exciting!

    Also exciting is this great giveaway…thanks for posting it on rav 🙂

  52. Congratulations on being a published designer! Love the idea of pinning your chart to your pants leg. I think knitters are very inventive about adapting and creating accessories, everything from a piece of bamboo skewer becoming an extra needle when one broke to a bent large paper clip becoming a cable needle for sock yarn. We can always find something that works.

  53. Lace knitting, the best way to get through a long winter, a wait at the dr. office, at the airport, on the plane ride. It soothes me! (I use sticky notes, and yes, they do fall off after a while!)

    • Agree (1). I started this pattern using sticky notes, but graduated to highliter tape. Have you seen it? They sell it at my LYS, and through the whole chart it stayed sticky.

  54. Congrats on the publication! Please add me to the giveaway, I have been dying to try bison fiber, so this is perfect!

  55. Congratulations on the pattern publishing! Haruni’s an awesome pattern – I knit one out of Elann silken Kydd, it’s super soft and I love it. Never had the chance to fondle buffalo yarn but i hear it’s even softer. Thanks for the contest!

  56. I’ve also been pondering the knitting pattern problem. What I’ve finally done it buy some sheet protectors and a clipboard. A bright neon green clipboard that I can easily find. Usually, by the time I’m done with a pattern, it’s in tatters, literally. I’ve got some extra sticky Post-Its to keep track and problem is solved.

  57. What a fun contest! I would love to be entered! And congrats on getting a pattern published! Such dedication goes into something like that! And I see that it’s lace! I’ve never tried that (and don’t know if I dare to!) but it’s 2011 and I’m going to try and learn all that I can!

    You can find me on Ravelry as thisiskricky 🙂

    • My pattern was inspired by my fear of lace. Really. I learned a lot in the design process, such as how to stay organized, and how to read my knitting in the stitches below. These two skills will take you far.

      • It’s so funny! I’m reading my first post and I just started on a lace scarf… 🙂 You’re so right too! It’s pretty instinctive- you know when to do what at what time!

  58. gorgeous shawls……

    i’ve got that chart keeper, and tend to balance it on my legs while i’m lounging on the sofa…..or hook it over my knees when i’m scrunched down wiht them bent. but that’s just me.

    -oonaghfibersmyth on ravelry

  59. wow! what a great giveaway.

    i understand what you mean about things sliding off your lap… i’ve taken to putting my feet up or knitting in bed, with my legs crossed. much easier!

  60. The yarn fascinates me and I would love the chance to knit with it. I, too, hope I win! 🙂

  61. Ohhh, pretty yarn, hope I win!

  62. Wow, what a fun find I’ve stumbled upon – your blog is inspiring! And I like your comment “I’m a round sort of woman” – me too – I’ve never been able to keep charts in place no matter when I knit – I am totally stealing your darning needle/pants solution – brilliant!

  63. Thank you for the wonderful opportunity!

  64. what a wonderful giveaway . congratulations on your scarf being published in ik. I will have to get that one when it comes out.

    morgaine1 on ravelry:-)

  65. Making two shawls at a time is actually a great idea, if a bit insane.

  66. I’ve never tried Buffalo Gold, would love to!

  67. Wow! My lacy shawl is still in time-out. Eventually I’ll learn my lesson and not try to knit it on Thursdays–every time last summer/fall I came home from Tupelo I had done maybe one row and screwed up four.

  68. Knitting 2 projects at the same time? That’s crazy! I have a hard enough time just trying to finish one, lol! Good luck to you!

  69. This looks so scrumptious!

    In the year of “new things” I am planning to try lace. A fab yarn and gorgeous pattern would put me on the road to gorgeous outcomes.

    Oooo…. Please pick me!

  70. Great headlamp! Would love to try Buffalo Gold. Maybe I’ll win, who knows? Thanks for the opportunity.

  71. Congratulations on your published pattern- that is awesome! I’m just really learning to knit and this kit would be wonderful! I love lace and yarn and this is so beautiful! 😀 Thanks for having a contest to celebrate!

  72. I miss using charts.. but with two little ‘uns, I usually knit in the car and following a chart while in motion gives me a mad headache. Usually, I’ll just blow up the line-by-lines and use those. Come to think of it, I usually just use those at home, too, as it’s easier for me to find my place when I get distracted… man, am I *that* out of practice with charts these days? Do we lose our skill? I used to HATE line-by-lines!

  73. I agree about organization. I make enlarged copies of the written steps (not very good with reading charts) and use the magnetic holder. Works for me because I do the majority of my knitting at my computer desk. But I swear, if I could ever find a really nice, adult-sized beanbag chair…I’d never stop knitting.

  74. Congratulations! My issue of IK should come soon and I’m on the lookout for your scarf! Buffalo; that is one fiber I haven’t knitted with yet.

  75. congrats on the pattern publication! Haruni is in my queue, and I’m thinking about knitting it next. thanks for this giveaway!

  76. Too funny. But I can totally relate having done similar myself
    Congratulation on having your published in IK

  77. Buffalo and tencel….now that’s a combination I wouldn’t have thought of together. Silky and drapy and….well….wooly, ill tempered, and with horns. >:-) But I’m an open-minded woman!

  78. Congratulations on your published design! I’ve knit for decades, but I have never made a shawl or knit with buffalo yarn, but have several that I want to try! Never too old to learn new tricks 🙂

  79. Love the headlamp. Been slowly getting into knitting lace and have tons of patterns queued/favorited to knit. Buffalo Gold Moon Lite, a silk project bag and knitting needles would be just great to start knitting some lace.

  80. So glad I found your blog . . . looks like it’s very entertaining. And I do understand why you are knitting two shawls at once . . . have done the same thing myself. I think I need a headlamp like yours . . .

    I know I need the lace kit.

  81. You are so right about necessity providing the opportunity to try new things. BTW, while my mother was recently in the hospital, I tried a reading light as a knitting lamp. I clipped it to the neck of my shirt.

    Congratulations on having your design published. I would love to be your lucky winner.

    I can be found on Ravelry as “bnanative”

  82. I agree the head lamp is awesome… and the yarn sounds delicious. Congrats on the publication.

  83. Hello! I hope I win, too!

  84. Thanks for the neat tip on pinning your chart to your pant leg. That makes so much sense now that you’ve said it. I’m sure I’ll make use of that tip.

    Congratulations on having your pattern publised!


  85. I’m just getting into knitting and once I finish my current project, I hope to try something lacy. Congrats on getting a pattern published.

  86. Congratulations on having your pattern published!

  87. Amazing! Knitting two shawls at once! I may have to try that with sweaters! LOL! I love the darning needle trick. I use clear plastic page protectors and tape the tops shut so no paper can slip out, then color with a crayon or permanent marker. 🙂 I have little fingers who like to help and that magnetic thing wouldn’t work for me either! 😉

  88. I would love a skein of that yarn!

    Like I need more yarn….however, on a serious note, I would LOVE a skein of that yarn….just sayin’…..

  89. Congratulations on your published pattern. I’ve not heard of this yarn before. It does sound decadent.

  90. Dear Random Number Generator – please pick me. It’s only the 14th day of the first month of this year, and it’s been pretty disastrous for me.

    I lost my job…. got another one. and then they changed their mind 2 days before i was supposed to start. so i lost a job i hadn’t even started yet.

    i lost my mom. i can’t get another one of those, but i’ve spent the whole past week duking it out with the funeral home, who seems determined to ignore my mother’s wishes that had been set 20 years ago when she prepaid her funeral arrangements.

    then they screwed up the paperwork, and sent me the papers for my brother, who lives halfway across the country.

    and on the way to take the papers to the UPS overnight facility, i was in a car accident.

    i really need something good to happen, please….. and that buffalo gold yarn is so pretty, and so out of my non-existent budget.

    so if there’s any chance that i could have something good happen, out of the devastation that my life has become…….. that would be a nice thing.

    thank you.

    • Oh, gosh, where to begin. It sounds like you need more than yarn, you need some R&R, honey. And maybe some chocolate therapy. Geez, even some massage therapy. Or at least big hugs from friends and family. I am so sorry about your car, and your job, and your mom. That’s a trifecta of dread right there. I hope things start looking up for you, and I hope with all my might for good things to come your way. Perhaps in the form of yarn…Take care.

  91. I love the Haruni pattern- I did mine in worsted weight and it wraps me in total warmth.

  92. ooo…. i’d love some yummy yarn just for me.

  93. I love the Haruni shawl and yours look great. The new yarn sounds just wonderful, too.


  94. I’ve never done any lace knitting before, but lately I’ve had the urge to try. I just need to buy-or win *cough cough*- some pretty yarn…

  95. Congrats on having your pattern published! I’d love to learn to knit lace, I think it is so beautiful!

  96. Ha! I’m imagining you with a headlamp and a darning needle/chart stuck to your leg, this sounds like something I will do at some point in the future. Like when I win that awesome lace project kit! Pretty please!!! Lace knits are art to me, I would make a piece and frame it.

  97. That yarn sounds fantastic! I hope I win! So exciting!

  98. Congrats on your pattern publication. Love that knitting headlight!

  99. I love the finished pictures you have posted of the Haruni scarf! It’s so beautiful (especially since I was skeptical about the dark color… I admit it, but it pops wonderfully!).

    Question: I would love to see what your Prairie Rain looks like finished, but can’t find a picture of it anywhere (labeled so I know what I’m looking at for sure). Do you have one posted? Or would you mind posting one on Ravelry?

    • Hi Cathy, I would love to share photos with you, and if you subscribe to my blog I will post a link with a photo of the scarf as soon as the preview gallery is posted. I signed a confidentiality agreement, so photos go up when I get word that it’s ok.

  100. Congratulations on publication. That is awesome. I am new to knitting and this would be a great way for me to start. Would love to win this. Now back to reading your blog. CAT

  101. I’m very, very new to knitting-as in, I’m still making my first scarf. I just have to say that your shawl is so beautiful! The yarn is just amazing!

  102. Please pick me!

  103. OOh lace inspiration. I can always use more inspiration to knit terribly complicated lovely things.

  104. I will be looking for your pattern in IK. Love to knit lace.

  105. I can’t imagine knitting TWO Haruni’s at the same time. My last shawl was a Gail with Malabrigo Lace and at the beginning I ripped it back so many times the yarn felted!
    Anyway, I’m looking forward to seeing your Prairie Rain – it may be my next shawl after the test knit and the KAL I’m doing.

  106. Love to knit lace, but have not yet tried a Haruni! Good for you!

  107. Congratulations on your publication, and hoping for many more. (also slightly hoping for a ball of that wunnerful yarn to find it’s way to me =D) Peace! Ann

  108. Gongratulations for your first published pattern!

  109. Posting for the contest.

  110. I’ve done things out of necessity (like pinning stuff to my leg). The weirdest was when I strung yarn from bedroom to kitchen just so I could dye very weird stripes into my yarn. XD It came out beautifully, but I don’t think I’ll attempt that again!

  111. Sounds like you are as nutty as me. I always have too many projects OTN.

  112. Buffalo… yum! I’ve knit with Mooi and it’s just lovely. I’d love some more buffalo yarn.

  113. Outstanding! Those are truly gorgeous.

  114. Congratulations on having your pattern published!

  115. Hey! I too am a round sort of woman and what lap I have is taken up thoroughly by my knitting. I haven’t quite figured out how to read charts, though, so I have a stack-o-couch-pillows with the pattern resting on top right next to me so I can just look over.

    Once the cat joins me though, my genius system stops working.

  116. The headlamp is a great idea! I keep trying to stitch by the light of my iPad when the boys vote for movie darkness or when it’s bedtime but I can’t sleep.

  117. I’d love to try my hand at knitting lace in Buffalo Gold. Have never used it before, but love to knit lace. I am in awe of you, having the patience to make two of the same pattern at once. Maybe two at a time socks, but making two of a big project like a shawl takes balls. (Of yarn, of course. What did you think I meant?)

  118. I really have to get knitting lace! I’ve only done one relatively simple project so far.

  119. They are so beautiful – you are inspiring me to try more lace knitting. I would love to make one of these!

  120. Congratulations! You must be excited and very proud. Hope it’s only the first of many published designs.

  121. I’m leaving this comment as I saw your post on Ravelry – I just love the buffalo gold and I’d really like to win some – I just hope this is open to UK readers too otherwise I will be out of luck!

  122. Ooh, if the right color, I have an idea for this right away!

  123. I know what you mean about lace knitting becoming addictive, it also progresses very quickly once you get going, even with teensie needles and yarn as thick as sewing thread. One of the ways I’ve used to stay organized and keep my place on my chart is to buy a good size magnetic wipe board and a roll of magnetic “tape”. I used ribben to cover the sticky side of the tape and then could use it as a really long “underline” or “overline” while the chart sits on my lap (ample enough to make holding small things a disaster, but it sort of works as a lap-table, or I can prop it beside me (I also knit in bed…) The best part is that it will hold big, enlarged charts so my old eyes don’t have to strain.

  124. congrats! hope you get published again!

  125. Congrats on pattern, enter me in drawing.

  126. The yarn looks gorgeous – I would love to knit a small luxury scarf like your pattern out of it!

  127. I having been itching to try my hand at lace knitting. Getting some awesome yarn would definitely push me further in that direction. 😀

  128. I love your pattern keeper pin! How about using a page protector, which works well with highlighter tape, even in summer, when I get a residue on paper. You can tie a loop of yarn to a hole, and use a safety pin, which can stay n the page protector even in your bag! Thanks for the needle idea, which gave me the pin idea, which I’m totally going to use!

    I hope I win the yarn 🙂

  129. Congrats on having your pattern published!!! This yarn looks wonderful!

  130. Is the contest open to crocheters as well?

  131. Pick me, I promise to be good to the yarn 🙂

  132. Congratulations on your entry into the big time ! “Publication” – makes a fellow knitter proud and just one of many more to come.

  133. I’m with you on the Haruni’s!! They were my first attempt at chart reading and once I got it, now I just have to have them. And yes, I did say “they” I also did 2 at a time!!! I am addicted to lace too!

  134. Wow- congratulations on being published and thanks for the chance to win

  135. Congratulations on your published pattern. I can’t wait to see it. I really enjoy you blog and I will be checking back often.

  136. That’s so exciting about the pattern! I hope to be published someday.

  137. I’d never heard of this yarn before, but I sure wish I had! It looks like it would be fun to create a beautiful shawlette or similar with this lovely yarn. Thanks for introducing me to it!. And congratulations on your first published pattern!

  138. congrats on your published pattern! i can’t wait to see it. i have never knit with buffalo yarn and it sounds wonderful and the colors are just gorgeous.

  139. yours is the first blogspot i have ever subscribed to, saw you on ravelry, and now i have another “group” i have joined, we shall call it “Mo better blues”…lol

    • I am honored you subscribed. These contests are really a ploy to entice readership for my blog. It worked. You are my 33rd follower. What? 33? That’s it? I think I need MoFans.

  140. Last time I did any late night knitting, I feel asleep and continued to knit… but in reverse! I found the error a couple of days later and several rows past the U-turn!

  141. Congrats on the published pattern!

  142. Congrats on getting published, would love to win this!

  143. Two Harunis at once–You just became my knitting idol!

    I spend my time copying the instructions out in full step by step, so I can check off each line as I finish it…and still I find myself saying “Wait, did I check off that last line?” Good luck with the projectX2…

  144. As another “fluffy” girl I can always use tips on how to keep things on my lap. LOL And I am so in love with Buffalo Gold, I am so keeping my fingers crossed.

  145. I’ve just started knitting lace as well and am completely hooked. I’ve made Haruni and it’s WONDERFUL!

  146. I knit curled up against the arm of my couch with a dog on one side and a cat on the arm of the couch. Makes knitting time even cosier. I would love the chance to try some of this yarn, never have before!

  147. Hey Maureen, we haven’t seen you in Folsom in a while 🙂

  148. I am all into the gadgets, but I am learning that it works out just fine when you use what you’ve already got around the house.

  149. I almost missed entering this one! Who won contest #2?

  150. I can’t wait to get the magazine so I can see your scarf. Congratulations.

    • Thanks, AnneLena, I can’t wait to see all of your upcoming designs. For those of you who are interested, AnneLena is a REAL designer. How many patterns do you have in upcoming publications?

  151. Congrats on your first published pattern Maureen! I am so excited for you!
    And your Harunii are beautiful.

  152. Great job doing TWO “Haruni” shawls, Maureen! I am a newbie lace knitter too, and just tackled my first lace project with charts. Right now, I keep my place on the chart with a post-it note, but probably need to upgrade to something better, as I want to do a shawl for my next project.

    Please enter me for the contest! Thanks! 🙂

  153. You are so practical Mo! Love the idea of pinning the pattern to your pantleg. I have one of those magnetic boards but haven’t used it yet, because I tend to avoid charts at all costs.

  154. Love that you like Walmart yarn and the expensive stuff too! I’m teaching my 2 10yr olds to knit with the cheap stuff.

  155. Good call. I have one of those magnetic boards and I literally just carry it around in my knitting bag…haven’t used it once I think. Would love to win the yarn!

  156. Can’t say I’ve ever knit with bison down. Would love to give it a try! 🙂

  157. My Gramma needs a lace scarf!