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Knitting Patterns: Write ’em how I like ’em.


I’m in the process of writing my second pattern. Let me just tell you: This is work. Now I get it why most people don’t write patterns. It’s hard.

So anyhow, I was feeling a little frustrated. You see, as I tried to get my charts and written rows to match…Well let’s just say that wasn’t happening. Then I remembered the “no stitch” instruction from a pattern I worked a few months ago. Yes, it makes perfect sense, when the problem is that there is no stitch right here, the answer is, “no stitch.”

All of this got me wondering: What, dear readers, do you like in a pattern. Do want both charts and written instructions, or do you prefer only charts or only written? This inquiring mind wants to know!


Author: moknits

I'm an addict. I obsessively shop for yarn and pattern books, then knit like a fiend. When I'm not knitting something out of someone else's head, I'm thinking up designs of my own. When I grow up I want to be Elizabeth Zimmermann. On the rare occasions I'm not knitting, or thinking about knitting, or shopping for knitting, I sometimes bake, cook, garden, read, and exercise. The exercise is not by choice. I only do it to manage pain from a herniated disc. Exercise for me works better than Vicodin, and I highly recommend it.

4 thoughts on “Knitting Patterns: Write ’em how I like ’em.

  1. This has come up often on Ravelry and the pro-chart / pro-written camps are large and opinionated on both sides. There are some people who are comfortable with charts and prefer them; there are those who hate charts and want everything written out by hand. While having both is really the only way to satisfy (most) everyone, if I had to choose only one, I’d much prefer the chart.

  2. ditto jen. i prefer charts, but it really depends on how well written the chart is. best bet is having both. sorry, i know that means more work =(

    • I am both charting and writing because that’s the presentation I prefer. It IS more work, but I feel it’s worth it. Funny. I have found errors in the charts because I’m also writing, and errors in the writing because of the charts. Who knew doing both would make a better balance sheet?

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