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Buffalo Gold Premium Yarn Giveaway


I am so excited to have my Prairie Rain pattern published in Interweave Knits Spring 2011. However, I’m feeling a little bad about posting a free pattern then taking it away. After a conversation with Ron Miskin of Buffalo Gold Premium Yarn, we decided a yarn giveaway was in order.

We will be holding a series of four prize drawings. Look at the luxurious yarn you will win:

Here are instructions for the first one:

  • Leave a comment on this blog post
  • Your comment becomes your entry number
  • One entry per person
  • One winner will be selected by random number generator at
  • Winner will receive a skein of Buffalo Gold Premium Yarn “Moon Lite” in color of choice. That’s just the amount needed to knit your own Prairie Rain Scarf!
  • Deadline for entry is  31 October 2010, 8 pm Pacific time
  • Drawing will take place on November 1st
  • Winner will be notified via email and posted on my blog
  • Winner must claim prize no later than four days from end of contest
  • In the event that winner does not contact me within four days, a new drawing will be held.

Good Luck and Happy Knitting!


PS: The next contest will be unveiled in a post during the month of November, and drawing will take place two weeks later. Keep your eyes peeled!

If you just can’t wait to have some Moon lite of your very own, please visit my friends at Buffalo Gold .


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119 thoughts on “Buffalo Gold Premium Yarn Giveaway

  1. I loved your Prairie Rain pattern! I’d be over the moon to win a skein of this beautiful yarn.

  2. i love, love, love Buffalo Gold yarn! I can not wait to knit my own prairie rain!

  3. Did somebody say free yarn? Lol. Congrats on getting published you lucky duck!

  4. I’ve loved the Buffalo Gold yarn I’ve worked with so far – and this one comes in such pretty, pretty colors!

  5. Would love to win some beautiful Buffalo Gold yarn.

  6. Are we all really posting in the middle of the night or is the time off on this thing?

    The scarf is beautiful and I am so excited to knit two!

  7. Your pattern looks great, and this looks like lovely yarn!

  8. Cool contest, Maureen. I would love to win a skein of this yarn to knit your Prairie Rain Scarf. Thanks!

  9. Congrats on getting published, Maureen! That’s so exciting! I love the colors of this yarn, and would love to get a chance to knit with it if I win a skein!

  10. Wonderful! That’s a lovely prize. Thanks for offering it.

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  12. Holey moley I want to win some of this yarn. PUBLISHED AUTHOR? You rock.


  13. Beautiful yarn, beautiful pattern, beautiful designer! Need I say more?

  14. I am new to your site, and love the Buffalo Gold colors.

  15. Those colors are gorgeous!!! I just checked it out on the website- I may have to make a purchase- just in case!

  16. That yarn is absolutely stunning. I have not heard of Buffalo Gold but if it feels like it looks I can only imagine the beauty of the project made out of it.

    • Moon Lite is as just pretty in person. Tencel gives lusterous sheen and drape. Buffalo down is incredibly soft and elastic. Blending the two fibers is a marriage made in knitting heaven.

  17. Can always use more Buffalo Gold!

  18. How wonderful of you to arrange the chance to win a skein of some Buffalo Gold yarn! Your pattern is gorgeous, and congrats on getting published.

  19. Your projects are gorgeous, I’m sad I missed out on the pattern, but I look forward to looking for it in the Spring 2011 IK magazine. Congrats on getting published!

  20. Thank you for the post on Ravelry regarding the contest and the blog. I look forward to catching up. Congrats on gettin published!

  21. Congrats on getting published. Thanks for the giveaway.

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  23. Buffalo Gold yarn is a treasure and it makes your designs even more gorgeous! Congratulations on your design getting published!

  24. A skein of that yarn would be lovely!
    Count me in!

  25. Yarn contest!!! I’m in! 🙂 And I can’t wait to see your pattern in the magazine!

  26. I always wanted to try knitting with buffalo yarn, especially since my
    guardian animal is a buffalo.

  27. Wow that is some glorious yarn. Great colors and sheen. Love the blog

  28. What fun! Buffalo is lovely to knit with, and the colors in this yarn are gorgeous.

  29. Yay! Congrats on making it into Interweave!

  30. all of us from thursday knitting are lining up quickly for this drawing 😉

  31. What beautiful yarn. Congratulations on getting published.

  32. Congrats on the pattern publication! What a special yarn.

  33. Gorgeous yarn!! Hope I can wait a year to see your pattern!!

  34. Gorgeous yarn!! Can’t wait to see the pattern.

  35. Congratulations on getting published, Maureen! Very exciting! Please count me in on the drawing! 🙂

  36. Congratulations on having your pattern published. Here’s to many more to come. It would be great to win the yarn, to knit your Prairie Rain scarf.

  37. The yarn is gorgeous!

  38. Hi Mo. Congratulations on the publication on your pattern — I am so happy for you. You know that I have been salivating over the buffalo gold forever…. so I will hope that the knitting goddesses are smiling…. 😉

  39. That is sooooo pretty. Would love to try working with it.

  40. Oh goodness, what beautiful yarn!

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  43. You come a long way since wanting to start a book club. Way to go! Thanks for starting E Sac Knit and Craft. If you hadn’t we would never have met. Mary

  44. This looks like just amazing stuff to knit with…and as a long-time Buffalo Gold fan, a wonderful treat. Best wishes to you on your published self – what a great accomplishment!

  45. Beautiful! Thanks for offering the lottery.

  46. Congratulations on publication! Fantastic. Who knew I was “knitting with someone famous” on Thursday nights!

  47. Wow, what beautiful yarn! Thanks for offering the giveaway 🙂

  48. Great giveaway–I’ve been wanting to try this!

  49. Gorgeous yarn! And congrats on getting your pattern published, that is very exciting 🙂

  50. I am intrigued…It will be a long wait for the magazine!

  51. Such beautiful yarn!! Such beautiful colors!! I would love a skein to knit a pretty scarf.

  52. Hi, just saw your post on ravelry about this giveaway. I’ve been hearing good things about buffalo yarn and would love the chance to try it.

  53. What an amazing giveaway! Choosing a color would be hard, since they’re all so beautiful and all would work so wonderfully with your gorgeous pattern!!! Congratulations on getting into IK for spring!!!

  54. I’ve been eyeing the Buffalo Gold yarns for some time. Would love to try out your pattern if I were the winner. 🙂

  55. What beautiful yarn! I was just petting some of the other Buffalo Gold yarns this evening at the LYS. Yum!

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  57. Thank you for your generosity. Please include me!

  58. I love the rainbow of yarn! Congrats on the pattern!

  59. I love your yarn. It would be such a treat to get some more.

  60. Congratulations on getting published… and what a long wait for you to see it in print! The yarn colours are just amazing….

  61. I love all the Buffalo Gold yarns. The colors shown above are gorgeous!!!

  62. I absolutely adore Buffalo Gold yarn. If I could afford to I would knit with it exclusively. 🙂 Thanks for the opportunity to win this.

  63. so pretty! would love to win some to play with. thanks for having a contest.

  64. Woohoo for Buffalo Gold! Love that, and those are some beautiful colors!

  65. Beautiful yarn and a beautiful pattern. Congratulations on your publication! Denise Delgado

  66. So happy for you. Cool for us too as we get a chance at Free yarn. Is it just me or does antenna go up when you hear the words ‘free’ and ‘yarn’ together?

  67. Congratulations on your publication, Momo-Hime! It was great to see you again, after what seems like ages. I have my fingers crossed!

  68. Thanks for letting my know that my comment went to the wrong place! I love your pattern and the yarn is beautiful. I’d love to try it!

  69. I came here to take a peek at Prairie Rain. Sorry I didn’t get to see it, but winning the yarn giveaway would greatly ease my disappointment!

  70. I love the beautiful colors and this is a great contest. Good luck everyone !! ; >

  71. I’ve only purchased the brown Buffalo Gold thus far. I’m looking forward to knitting a shawl for my mother with the latest purchase. A dose of colour would be nice when the shawl is completed.

  72. Thank you for offering some lovely yarn to us! I am glad that I found your blog via the Sacramento Stitch ‘n Bitch group on Ravelry. Congratulations on getting your pattern published!

  73. Beautiful yarn and beautiful pattern. I hope you send to Europe if I win???

  74. Wow! that looks really smooshy and so silky.
    Drop my name into the hat!
    The colors look so beautiful.

    • Sona, you have good eyes. Tencel gives Moon Lite beautiful silk-like sheen and drape. It’s sooooo nice.

  75. I just love the yarn and would love to be winner. I can see me knitting it up over Christmas when I am on holiday from work.

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    Thank you!

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  83. Yarn.

    Congrats to you on being a pubished designter

  84. They are such beautiful spring colors, it would be so much fun to beable to work with one of them. thank you for the chance.

  85. How exciting! I had the opportunity to contact the nice folks at Buffalo Gold recently and they are indeed delightful. I am excited to see the pattern and yarn! Excellent colors and I hear fine yarn.


  86. I’ve always wanted to try Buffalo Gold. Congrats on getting your pattern published! That’s very exciting!!

  87. Your blog is so much fun to read. I would like to know how you add hours to the day.
    Buffalo Gold is just that Gold.
    Thanks for the chance to win.

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    I am making my own blog and this ona inspire me.

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    Congrats on the pattern — I’ll be looking for it in the magazine!

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