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Not my first design, but the first pattern I plan to publish. Made from beautiful Buffalo Gold Yarn. How could I resist?


Earlier this year I attended the Stitches West 2010 conference in Santa Clara. I had a job as a rep for Buffalo Gold at the Paradise Fibers booth. It was a hoot. In exchange for encouraging customers to pet the pretty Buffalo Gold yarns, I got a heap of yarn from BG owner, Ron Miskin. I emailed my wish-list, but there was a little something extra in the box. One perfect skein of Moon Lite, color: Tuscany.

Buffalo Gold Moon Lite is a 75% Tencel 25% bison down blend.  Tuscany is a bold and luminous gold color. It was completely dreamy to work with; so soft and elastic, crisp stitch definition,  lovely drape and sheen. An ideal lace knitting yarn.

The box arrived within days of finishing off a scarf I designed and knit for my mother-in-law for her birthday. The yarn is my own hand-painted Plymoth Ecco Cashmere.


I made many swatches of eyelet lace on a garter stitch ground before I settled on the above pattern. All that swatching caused a storm of  eyelet lace concepts to swim in my mind as I happily knit this scarf. 

After the box from Buffalo Gold arrived, I immediately fell in love with the Moon Lite. So later that night I cast-on for a new eyelet lace project. Many needle size swatches later I settled on offset eyelets in a stocking stitch ground. I was so pleased to see what looked to me like rivulets running top to bottom between the eyelets. already has a pattern called Rivulets, so I continued to search for a name for this pretty piece of knitting. Last night it came to me: Prairie Rain.

I’m writing the pattern now and will post as soon as it’s finished. Thanks, Ron. Your gorgeous yarn inspired me.


Author: moknits

I'm an addict. I obsessively shop for yarn and pattern books, then knit like a fiend. When I'm not knitting something out of someone else's head, I'm thinking up designs of my own. When I grow up I want to be Elizabeth Zimmermann. On the rare occasions I'm not knitting, or thinking about knitting, or shopping for knitting, I sometimes bake, cook, garden, read, and exercise. The exercise is not by choice. I only do it to manage pain from a herniated disc. Exercise for me works better than Vicodin, and I highly recommend it.

2 thoughts on “Not my first design, but the first pattern I plan to publish. Made from beautiful Buffalo Gold Yarn. How could I resist?

  1. I volunteer to be a test knitter, should you need one! (I have been admiring your pretty, pretty scarf in progress each week you bring it to knitting group).

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